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    Are you looking for a reliable company to cut, prune or remove your trees or stumps? Then you’ve found one. Cheektowaga Tree Service Pros is the leading tree service company in the city, and we’ve been at the top of our game for years now. 

    About Us

    Our company is made up of passionate arborists who are trained to respond to a wide range of tree care needs with an appropriate solution. We also have a crew of expertly trained customer care agents who are available to respond to your calls and consult with you to figure out how we can help you.


    Cheektowaga Tree Service Pros has been delivering excellent tree care services to our clients in Cheektowaga, NY, for several years now. Our reputation as the city’s premier tree care company is based on our commitment to high-quality delivery on all our service packages. Our methods are proven to safeguard your property and its inhabitants while ensuring that damaged trees or branches are eliminated from your yard or healed appropriately. We only use state of the art tools and industry-standard techniques in removing, cutting or trimming your trees.

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    Tree Service

    While tree care services are abundant out there, only a handful of them knows what they’re doing. It’s in your best interest to select the one that best suits your needs and is considerate towards your budget. Other than the company’s reputation, you should also check if they are licensed and have necessary insurance policies in place before proceeding to remove, cut or trim trees on your property. Cheektowaga Tree Service Pro is a reputable tree care company that’s capable of handling a wide range of tree care needs. We have the right solutions for your needs.

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    Tree Removal

    Dead or decaying trees require expertise to remove as they could harbour pests or insects that can spread to other vegetation in your yard. Asides that, their weak structures make them pose a serious risk to people around, and they usually require removal once an arborist has confirmed they can’t be revived. Our company has an in-house team of tree care experts who are licensed and trained to use industry-standard practices to remove trees while protecting your property and nearby structures from damage.

    “The tree in my yard has been goring too close to the power line for years now, but I paid no attention until it almost damaged them. Calling Cheektowaga Tree Service Pros was the best decision I made following the event. They carefully cut out the branches that were interfering with lines and even further advised me on steps to take for a more permanent solution. Great service.” - James

    Tree Trimming

    As trees grow over time, they require regular pruning to maintain their health and preserve the integrity of the surrounding. This process must be carried out adequately to prevent injuries or damages to the property. You can trust our company to inspect and trim damaged or dangerous branches or those growing too close to power lines. Our team of expert arborists know how to best to handle the tree in your yard and promote its growth with careful pruning.

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    Tree Cutting

    Homeowners have to protect their properties and those living in it from the dangerous branches and trees. These trees may be growing to close to the building or electric lines and will need cutting to eliminate the risk they carry. A professional tree cutting service like Cheektowaga Tree Services will handle your tree cutting without having to endanger your property’s integrity. We use top-shelf solutions to inspect and decide which branches or tree must go, and the safest way to make that happen fast. It’s our commitment to maximum customer satisfaction that drives our consistent delivery of high-quality service at affordable rates.

    man sawing a log

    “When we had trees cut in our yard, we didn’t apply for the stumps to be removed. After a few tripping accidents with kids, we decided to hire a reliable service to get them off our lawn. I called Cheektowaga tree Services upon recommendation from a friend. The company came through for us and even protected the yard while they worked. Very professional team.” -The Jones

    a tree fell down

    Emergency Tree Service

    If you’ve recently experienced a massive storm in Cheektowaga, NY, then it’s in your best interest to hire an emergency service to have a look at the damaged tree in your yard. Left unchecked, these decaying, damaged or overgrown trees and branches can be potential sources of injury to someone or your property. Cheektowaga Tree Service Pros is a 24/7 emergency tree services that are available to respond to all your needs with high-grade equipment and expertise.

    a stump on the ground

    Stump Removal

    If left alone, stumps can be a menace to your landscape. They cause tripping hazards and make it difficult to mow your lawn. Also, stumps can harbour the growth of smaller trees, which can prove challenging to remove after some time. Mold and pests can infest the stumps and spread to other areas on your property. Stump removal is a dangerous process that’s best handled by professionals who are experienced at using machines like the stump grinder. Our company has a crew of expert arborists who use proven techniques to grind, apply chemicals and completely remove the stump from your yard

    “I hired them for a one-time tree cutting, and they did an amazing job. I’ll definitely call them when I need any tree-related services again.” - Brad

    Contact Us Today

    If you want to find out more about our services, you can call us today. We’ve provided our phone lines of the company’s website, and one o our customer relations agent will be waiting for your call. They are trained to respond to your needs with correct and empathetic answers. We offer advice on recommended services that will better suit your tree care needs. If you’re contacting us outside working hours, then you can fill our contact form on the website. We’ll get back to you in no time.