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Stump Removal

a stump on the ground

If you’ve recently had a tree in your yard removed, then you should decide if you want the stump to be removed as well. There are several benefits that your lawn can gain from excavating the stumps left behind, such as mold prevention, and the job is best left for experts. We at Cheektowaga Tree Service Pros use state of the art equipment to remove stumps and protect your landscape’s integrity.


Tripping hazards

If you have children in your home that will probably run around your yard, then you may consider stump removal to protect them from injuries and accidents. Stumps left could lead to tripping hazards on your landscape. 


Mold and pest infestation

When stumps start to decay, they begin to attract insects and pests, which will inevitably spread to other parts of your lawn. Without proper removal, these destructive bugs will render your property their permanent home until treated with appropriate chemicals. Besides, mould and algae could infest a stump and gradually spread to affect nearby trees and buildings.


Improve your landscape’s aesthetics

If you’ve ever tried to mow your lawn with stumps on it, you’ll understand how much of a hassle that can be. This could lead to unevenly cut grass as the machine would be harder to navigate properly around stumps. It’s even possible that the mower could be damaged in the process or you could get injured. Without expert supervision and adherence to industry-standard practices, tree stumps can be a menace to your yard. With time, the stumps will begin to grow new trees that will prove more challenging to remove. By hiring a professional service to remove the stumps in your lawn, you’ll be improving the aesthetic value of your yard.


The process

Expert arborists are usually equipped with the necessary tools, including stump remover and chemicals. They start by using the chainsaw to cut off some part of the top and for drilling holes in the stump for the substances to permeate appropriately. After applying chemicals to prevent regrowth, the pros can grind it with a power stump grinder. You have the options of burning what’s left of the stump or completing the job with an axe.


Our reliable service

Our Company has an in-house team of a crew of expert arborists who use only proven techniques to remove stumps from landscapes. We’re known in the city as the premier tree care service company. We believe we’ve earned our reputation through our undying commitment towards customer satisfaction. We at Cheektowaga Tree Service Pros always deliver excellent services to all our customers, and we’re passionate about protecting their property’s integrity. We carry out complete stump removal to prevent mold and pest infestation, and at a good bargain. It’s this combination of affordable prices and high-quality results that separates us from alternative service providers in Cheektowaga, NY. You can call us today to speak with our customer care agents and find out how we can of service to you.

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